Book Video Scenes


      Driving down Stagecoach Road.
Lots of curves towards the end.  It's mostly
deserted.  Lots of deer at night.

Going east on I-94 on the way to Stagecoach Road.
Almost 7:00 a.m., middle January.

Train on Route 12 and Stagecoach Road.
Freight trains are unusually loud at night.

Chinese bridge on the Marquette Park lagoon.
One of the few lagoon structures still in good shape.

Marquette Park Pavilion.  This is the
building where the graduation party
took place in the novel.

Downtown Miller Beach.  Doesn't look
like businesses are thriving.

Lake Michigan.  Cold day.

Shelby Street.  Great fish restaurant.
Correction in the narration:  The Weiss
Market Basket, not Wilco, was there.

Miller Beach area where Wilco Foods
and Dairy Queen used to be.  Now
it's a disaster zone.

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