Scenes From The Stagecoach Road Novel By Daniel Kamen
Published By CCB Publishing


Pictures From The Story


Marquette Park Lagoon and the Chinese bridge.  Only a remnant remains of the cement piers.

The other bridge spanning a section of the Lagoon.  Wobbly and dangerous.  Lake Michigan is just over the sand dunes.

The tree on Stagecoach Road where Benny was assaulted in the novel.  License plate unrelated.

William A. Wirt High School.  Benny's high school in the novel.

The Marquette Park Pavilion where the graduation party took place.

The statue of Father Marquette

Pottawotami Trail and County Line Road.  On the way to Benny's house.

Benny's boyhood home.

The story takes place three miles to the left.

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